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About Evolve Recruitment

As we all enter a new era of work in a post-COVID-19 world, human relationships are becoming even more evident especially during the process of talent acquisition. Therefore, it’s not just what we do, but how we do it that matters.

Whether you are a business or a professional, an understanding of your needs and objectives is our key.

How we do it, is by first asking questions.


Because asking questions is the only way to really delve into and understand a human problem. Whether we are working on a search assignment or providing you with an employment opportunity, asking inquisitive questions helps us identify opportunities outside of the typical avenues. Streamlining hiring processes enables us to offer a bespoke solution every time.

Evolving businesses with people

Searching for the talent to support business needs, whether it is succession planning, workforce planning, improving diversity or identifying professionals for time sensitive job positions.

Evolving careers through opportunities

Assisting individual professionals with on-going career opportunities, career advice and market knowledge. We are proactive in our recommendations of professionals to our clients. Meaning, we do not only promote your skills in times of job opportunities, but use the understanding of your career objectives and skill set, to advocate you as a business solution for opportunities which are not yet visible to the market but are known to us through our expertise, relationships and knowledge of the client.

Director of Recruitment - North America

Manpreet Bains

As Founder and Director of Evolve Recruitment, Manpreet has developed a tailored and client focused process to each engagement. Her diverse and portfolio of industries, coupled with her years of experience working with and for high-profile firms and clientele, allows Manpreet to navigate the niche challenges that the recruitment landscape can present. Furthermore, understanding that her clients are seeking long-term and well-suited candidates, Manpreet leverages her continuous research, market knowledge, and ability to pivot within the multitude of socio-economic obstacles that are ever-present in our current world. This robust toolbox allows her to bring the best in the market for opportunities that are suited to her thoroughly vetted candidates. Manpreet prides herself on her strong aptitude to source the individual behind a resume and this ethos is how she is recognized by her previous and current clients.

Manpreet’s recruitment career began at a boutique search firm in London, UK, upon her completion of Honors bachelor’s degree in chemistry and Pharmacology from the University of Birmingham, UK. In this role, she collaborated extensively with the CEO, allowing her to learn the fundamentals of recruitment in a focused, one-on-one mentorship atmosphere. Beyond this intensive learning process, Manpreet also garnered the importance of being a professional influencer in relationships, which ignited the spark for her to grow within the recruitment industry. Leveraging her education and natural analytical abilities allowed her to specialize in the recruitment of technical talent with a focus on global corporations. As she successfully placed a variety of candidates and learned the multi-tiered process for each of these opportunities, Manpreet was recognized as a market leading recruitment professional, with solid references and continuous referrals.

As her career flourished, Manpreet continued to work on high profile permanent and executive retained searches across the UK and Europe and since then, has successfully completed numerous senior-level engagements including CEO, COO, Senior VP, General Managers, Executive Management, as well as Board Member appointments.

Upon relocating to Canada in 2010, Manpreet lead the development of several practices including Engineering and Mining for an international recruitment firm and continued to advance industry relationships internationally, nationally, and then locally by expanding into Vancouver’s Construction and Development sector.

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Proposal Manager & Management Consultant

Tamara Dhillon

As an incorporated, independent consultant working for clients across North America and Europe, spanning all industries, Tamara combines significant education (BA, MA and a PhD.) with years of experience to support clients with key initiatives on an as needed basis. Highly experienced in implementing, executing, and managing all aspects of the business development lifecycle for corporate, private and government clients across all industries, she is also a seasoned Proposal Manager that has led strategic and complex proposals across North America for various industries. Skilled in project management, Tamara specializes in proposals that are procurement driven requiring the management of multiple stakeholders, including third-party providers. She has also participated in supply chain activities, such as RFP development and the evaluation and review of submitted proposals.

Furthermore, Tamara also focuses on supporting clients with strategic partnerships, actively diversifying portfolios and expanding access in the realm of Business Development. As a self-proclaimed “Accidental Management Consultant”, Tamara can walk into organizations and perform audits, provide strategic plans, and execute these plans within the scope of business goals and objectives while collaborating with all facets of the organization and its executives.

Industries supporting: Construction, Shipbuilding, Public Sector, Healthcare, Management Consulting, Technology, IT, Start-Ups, Professional Services, Legal

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